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Weston Lane, Bath 1852

House & Family Histories – Projects are multi-phase:

  • FREE Initial In-Person Consultation with Steph Woods, usually in your home;
  • The gathering together of your own photographs, documents and stories;
  • In-depth historical research by Steph, both online and in physical archives;
  • Taking new photographs (personal or professional), which showcase your house or show your family in the present day;
  • Creative writing by Steph, which tells the story – in words, pictures, maps, charts, family trees etc – of your ancestors or the people who lived in your house; and
  • Book design and production to “heirloom” standard, usually in fine leather binding.

Price Guide £2,000-£4,000.

Other House or Family History Research is charged at £35 per hour plus expenses at the illustrative rates shown below. Larger projects can be broken down into stages to help you budget. Click here to find out more.

Helena Logan circa 1930
Helena Logan circa 1930


Expenses will be incurred for research work, for example:

  • General Register Office (GRO) certificates – currently £9.25 for a certificate of a Birth, Marriage or Death (from July 1837);
  • Travel – Local – a flat rate of £45 to visit a record office or archive in Dorset/Hampshire, i.e. within 35 miles of Bournemouth;
  • Travel – London – £65 (pro-rata if shared) to visit The National Archives or other London-based archives;
  • Travel – National – quotation on request;
  • Microfiche/microfilm copies or photocopies – as charged by the record office or repository – typically between £1 and £2 per A4 copy;
  • Fees charged by 3rd parties – often charged by smaller archives, private individuals or specialist subscription sites to consult their records, indexes or database – typically between £10 and £25 per visit/enquiry;
  • Specialist printing, binding, postage and packing: leather-binding for an A4-size report starts at around £300;
  • Expenses relating to an initial, e.g. 10 hour, commission will be around £150 to £250.

We offer a free initial consultation and a free cost estimate.

Request a Call Back here.

What we need from you

We don’t need anything from you to make a start but it will help if you can gather together:

  • any official documents including deeds, birth, marriage and death certificates etc.
  • old and current photographs
  • other documents including letters, diaries, maps and plans etc.

Good quality images will really improve the finished product!

Eric Barden - 1 Commando circa 1945 001 (465x640)
Eric Barden – 1 Commando circa 1945

Family stories are wonderful! We will do our best to verify them or just include them as recollections.

We will only start our work for you when you have agreed to the research plan and cost estimate. If we find a lead that will involve extra cost; we will tell you; you choose whether or not we follow it up.

We ask for a deposit varying with the size of the commission (or full payment in advance for small research commissions under £150) payable by direct bank transfer or UK sterling cheque payable to Miss S A Woods. Stage payments may be requested for larger commissions. The balance will be payable on presentation of our invoice which will be upon completion of our research.

Other Research Terms

Initial checks are carried out as part of the free consultation to ensure enough records exist to begin our research on your behalf. We cannot promise to find your ancestors. Many records are missing or have been destroyed. We will only carry out research where we think there is a reasonable chance of success as we will still need to charge for research even if we find little information.

If, once we have started work, the records about a preferred ancestor appear to dry up, we may be able to give you the option of using any remaining time to either continue the search relating to that person or to take research in a different, more fruitful, direction. Research is flexible and there may well be a decision point at which we invite you to choose which way you would like to go.

Important: We may be basing our research on information provided by you and we cannot take responsibility for any incorrect information you have given us.

MOSS - John & Rebecca home
John & Rebecca Moss

Personal & Professional Service

We aim to provide excellent service. We will tell you when we expect to commence work and you will be kept up to date with progress. We will tell you if any information cannot be confirmed or fully relied upon. You can choose whether we include unconfirmed data (referenced as such) in your report. Every report will include a full list of source references. Details of further research that could be carried out may also be given as appropriate.

Steph Woods, Woods for the Trees

20th January 2017

House & Family Histories