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March 2017

Bristol International Rugby Star of the 1930s

Drawing of BrIstol vs Aldershot Services Rugby Match – Western Daily Press 26 March 1934

Victorian Extravaganzas at The Shelley Theatre, Boscombe

Shelley Theatre Rear view Theatre website Aug 2012
Shelley Theatre 2012 –

The Chine Hotel – Sun, Sea and the Stage in the late 1930s

The Illustrated Sporting & Dramatic News 2nd December 1938

February 2017

Fred Tozer – A Determined Boscombe Schoolboy

Some of the boys at Boscombe British Schools in the 1890s (By kind permission of Dorset History Centre)

The King’s Arms Hotel, Christchurch – 1914 to 1939

The King’s Arms Hotel, Christchurch

January 2017

The Royal Exeter Hotel, Bournemouth – 1930 to 1943

The Royal Exeter Hotel, Bournemouth

The Old School House, Boscombe, Bournemouth

Boscombe County Primary School (Bournemouth Library Heritage Zone)

March 2016

Mr William Bally of Bath, Upholsterer

December 2015

The Greenmans of Dauntsey, Wiltshire

July 2015

A History of Dauntsey House – Part 2

A History of Dauntsey House – Part 1

January 2015

Avebury, Wiltshire

November 2014

Bath House History

Latterday “Robin Hood’s” Secret Larder

20th Century House & Family History

October 2014

UK Parish Registers Made Easy!

Key Strategies for TNA & Discovery

September 2014

The “London Omnibus” Approach to Research!

Before Your House Was Your Home

August 2014

Unlock Your House Secrets!

Use GRO to Grow Your Female Line

July 2014

Lost and Found: Six Reasons You Didn’t Find Your Ancestor

June 2014

Six Free Ways to Find Canadian Emigrants and Emigrées

Were Your Ancestors in the Wiltshire Militia?

Six Reasons Not to Trace Your Family History

Ten Questions About Your First Hero

Five Ways to Find Your Railway Ancestors

Five Curious Duties of Constables

Not in My Parish Thank You!

May 2014

Betty Youlden’s Shop, Stockton-on-Tees c.1960

House & Family Histories

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