Mr William Bally of Bath, Upholsterer

1807 Bally & Bartrum Bath Chronicle 15 OctMr William Bally was born in around 1769 in the county of Somerset and he went into business as an upholsterer. In the first half of the 19th century, he was living and working in the city of Bath. He took on an apprentice, Thomas Peacock, in 1801.

William was in a business partnership with Benjamin Bartrum. The firm of Bally and Bartrum carried on a number of varied business activities from their upholstery warehouse at 10 Milsom Street. They were described as: “Upholsterers, Cabinet-Makers, Auctioneers, Undertakers, and House-Agents”!

1822 Bally Bartrum Ptnrship London Gaz Iss 17836 p 1196 20 JulBally & Bartrum regularly placed advertisements for auction sales in the Bath Chronicle, until their partnership was dissolved by mutual consent on 25th March 1822. On 13th May 1824, an advertisement appeared in the Bath Chronicle for a house to let at 19 Gay Street. Interested parties were to apply to the house agent or to Mr Bally of Sion-Hill. William Bally continued to work on his own account well into the 1840s.

1806 Marr Ann Wm Bally Upholsterer Bath Chronicle 5 JunWilliam married Matilda Payne at St. George’s, Hanover Square in London in June 1806; however, it is not known whether they had any children. On census night, 6th June 1841, William Bally, aged 70, who by then was of independent means, was living with his wife, Matilda, aged 55 at their home on Sion Hill. Also living with them were Elizabeth Payne, a relative of Matilda’s, aged 60, also of independent means; and James Payne, aged 14. They had three servants living in: John Sheppard, aged 45; Eliza England, aged 30 and Martha Manning, aged 25.

Mr William Bally died at his residence on Sion Hill, on 21st December 1848 at the age of 79.

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