Great Ways to Work the Long Days!

Summer Solstice may have passed but we still have many lovely long energy-filled days to get really productive! Here’s some ideas to really “work” them!

Work The Long Days!
Work The Long Days!

1. Get up at 5am and start work before 6am. Use the first hour for creative work (with pen & paper?!): your blog, marketing plan, brainstorming…

2.  Work in 60 or 90 minute chunks with short breaks in between. Make a generic daily checklist & write down start & finish times next to each item. 

3. In your breaks, breathe, go outside or take a walk then make a call or a coffee.

4. Change to a different checklist item or aspect after each break so you don’t get stale.

5. No e-mail or social media for the first 2 to 4 hours of the day! Do you dare? 

6. Meet up with someone you love spending time with for a relaxed coffee or meal to share ideas and ask for feedback.

7. Turn off gadgets one hour before bedtime. Make an evening diary entry of what you achieved today. Highlight on a new checklist what your priorities are for tomorrow. Ponder and make a couple of memos to self. Sleep well!

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