Five Curious Duties of Constables


In 1166 at Houghton Conquest in Bedfordshire, the Constable dealt with:

1. “Ryetous, owtregious or unllawffull” behaviour

2. “Extorshyon or oppresshyon”

3. “Common Dronkeirdes” found in “alhowses”

At Doveridge in Derbyshire in 1720 he claimed:

4. Two shillings and sixpence for “…Gravelling Broxford bridge…”

In 1800, the Constable at “Malmsbury” was: 

5. Required to apprehend a parishioner for refusing and neglecting “…to obey a certain Order …” (see photo)

Justice's warrant re William CLARK 1589-43 v.2 27-Mar-14

And in 2014…

Woods for the Trees

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