Betty Youlden’s Shop, Stockton-on-Tees c.1960


I am particularly fond of this photo of my grandmother Betty YOULDEN behind the counter of her shop, surrounded by canned goods – the convenience foods of the time; fresh bakery items; confectionery and other groceries. I am told it was taken in the early 1960’s. The presence of Fry’s Chocolate Cream Eggs on the counter suggests that it was taken around Easter-time; the sale of chocolate eggs was much more narrowly seasonal back then than it is now. Next to the chocolate eggs is a box of William Tell sweet cigarettes. Sweet cigars and cigarettes had been popular since the beginning of the century but growing anti-smoking feeling meant they had disappeared from the shelves by the 1970’s. Beside Betty’s right shoulder is a box of Munchies, which were first introduced in 1957. The Milky Bar box on the glass cabinet suggests an early ‘60s date; the Milky Bar Kid first began to appear in TV advertisements in 1961.